6 Week Football Pre-Season Prep Program

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Every year, dozens of athletes don’t make it through their team's pre-season training practices.

The biggest culprit? Soft tissues injuries to the knees, ankles, and hips.

This doesn’t need to happen!

Superior Athletics is offering a 6-week pre-season prep program for all local Football players to help them bulletproof their bodies for the coming season.

In this program, athletes will be evaluated for pre-existing issues, and guided through a plan that is catered to improving their bodies ability to perform safely, and at a high level. Each athlete will receive a customized training program, along with coaching inside of our 5,000 sq ft training facility.

Additionally, Superior Athletics has partnered with the premier football training company on Long Island, AIM Precision Training, founded by former NFL player and D1 All-American Trevor Coston. Trevor and his team will be giving out athletes a 1-day seminar on how to prepare for game day, as well as what it takes to attract college offers from D1,2 and 3 schools.

If you want to level up your performance before next season, the best place is at Superior Athletics in Farmingdale!

Contact us at Superiorathleticstraining@gmail.com to find out more today.