About Superior Athletics Strength and Conditioning

Looking for your athletes to train for their sport? Superior Athletics Strength and Conditioning is the best choice you can make.

We have helped NFL, MLB, and numerous NCAA athletes achieve success for over a decade. Our trainers are nationally recognized for their skills and knowledge and will give you an advantage on the field.

Founded in late 2014, Superior Athletics was started by head coach Bill Rom. After years of working inside of gyms and other facilities, Bill felt it was time to take ownership of the entire process, and start a gym based on a a few simple ideas.

1 - Training should be specific to the person training, not just their sport.

Large groups, template programs, limited time with a coach. These are all common practices in large facilities around Long Island, even some with the longest history of success. In these formats however, athletes are rarely shown the things that they need to focus on to improve their performance.

At Superior, every athlete is on a tailored program that aims to guide athletes on their journey in the fastest, safest, and most successful way possible.

2 - The best methods win. Not just what we like.

Sometimes the best way to train someone is in a fashion that doesn't fit with exactly what you like to do. This is OK!

At Superior Athletic, we strive to put each athlete in a program that they feel will build them the results that they are looking for. Sometimes, this means using a method or technique that we don't often use. However, our egos will never stop us from exploring new and creative techniques that may be the best fit for each athlete that we encounter. Truly an individual approach.

3 - Basic Skills. Basics Kill

While we are constantly looking to sharpen our skills as coaches, we also know that there are core beliefs we have that we never want to stray to far from. Fancy equipment and devices can help, but should never distract from the goals we are trying to achieve.