How Superior Athletics Leads The Pack For Long Island athletes

Every year, thousands of athletes throughout Long Island are looking to compete in their favorite sports. Of those thousands, a few hundred have the expectation of taking their sport to another level, and of those, a handful is looking to separate from the pack and achieve professional status.

Over the last 5 years, no facility on Long Island has achieved as much success turning that handful into a flood of athletes changing their athletic careers for the better.

At Superior, we have had athletes play in All-American games, receive offers from the ACC, SEC, BIG10 and others. One of our athletes, Ifeanyi Momah spent a number of years in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals. Another, Sean Nolin, has had a successful baseball Career playing for a number of MLB teams.

What sets Superior Athletics apart from others is the details and focused paid to each athletes success. No athlete at Superior is working on a plan that is general but instead has a customized experience based on their initial Athletic Profile.

These profiles give the coaches at Superior an insight into the psychology, lifestyle habits, physical abilities, goals, and aspirations of our athletes. Each of these categories helps define the correct path for success. We treat each athlete like a professional, and thus we hold ourselves to a higher standard of success.

While many facilities will come and go, there is only one that consistently dominates the success of athletes from all Sports across Long Island. Experience the Superior difference. Contact us today at to schedule an athletic profiling session and see how we can help you become one of the few and not the many.


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