March 1st is the target date for most spring athletes to "be ready" to try out and start their school seasons.

This inherently means that a lot of athletes are prepared for the grind of dedicating 15+ hours a week to the team (along with school, chores, and part-time jobs). At Superior, we know this also means that it becomes even more arduous for our athletes to make it into the gym.

Would we like to see athletes 2-3 times per week in-season to keep all of the systems necessary for success in prime working order? Of course! We also live in the reality that this most likely isn't time feasible for many.

However, we know from the history of training nearly 1,000 different athletes over the years that success at every level will be enhanced by the implementation of an in-season training plan. Heres why

Your Body Loses Fitness At Different Speeds


The image above is captured from a book titled "Triphasic Training" by Cal Deitz. The important information here is the speed at which different fitness qualities degrade over the course of a season.

Has it been 5 weeks since you lifted heavy weights? Well, maximum strength has begun to degrade, causing the base of support for velocity, speed, and power to decline. You now have lost a bit of the performance you trained for.

When is the last time you did lunges and TRX rows for a few sets of 8-12 reps? If it has been longer than 3 weeks, your endurance to run, change directions, and support your knees and joints against overuse injuries has begun to collapse, exposing us to injury. 

An In-Season Training program will support these systems at the required speeds. A week of heavy lifting once every month. Along with support exercises, basic cardiovascular work, and continued moderate intensity work will allow our athletes to compete closer to their peak for longer.

Some Athletes Are Too Young To Stop

JV practices and Varsity Practices are a bit different. As well, independent leagues won't practice at the same volumes as schools. This means that an athlete that trained with us 3x per week, did hitting lessons, did fielding and pitching, and their own work all off-season, is now doing too little for them to actually develop!

Often the prep in the fall and winter made them great athletes, and they dominate the early season, but their long term development loses ground because the practices and the intensity of work from March until June isn't enough to for their abilities to continue to grow. They just stay the same all season long.

Recovery Coaching

One of the big reasons we like to work with our athletes in-season is to help put them in the right situations to succeed if things start to go wrong. Bicep tendonitis? Let's start therapy and recovery before it gets worse. General soreness from excessive running in practice or a bad fall during a game? We can help flush the body of soreness and fatigue and get athletes back to top performance faster.

It isn't about surviving practice, but growing from the work that we are doing.

Superior Athletic In-Season Development

At Superior, our In-Season Development program is like everything else we do: customized exclusively to the needs of the athletes we work with. Conditioning, Recovery, Strength, Skill, and Diet can be worked on with the coaches at Superior in order to keep you growing and working at the highest level possible.

If you are one of our athletes or are an athlete looking to keep yourself in top shape all season long, make sure you contact us at to get started on your in-season program today.


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