Showcase Culture Stinks

Every year I have athlete’s that “need” to go to a showcase. They feel like it is the only way to get “exposure” and be recruited.

Sadly. Most of the showcases don’t showcase anyone. They don’t get most kids recruited and don’t lead to significantly different results in the overall recruiting process.

Instead, they just fill up people’s pockets with some extra money.

Coaches and organizations know that when they slap “showcase” on anything, they can charge a bunch more and have little recourse when athletes don’t receive the looks they wanted from coaches.

Yet, its a circle.

Your favorite coach/organization/school is hosting this showcase, you want to go there, you want to show YOU care about them as well. If you don’t go, you may miss the opportunity waiting for you.

The reality is, spend time becoming great. Get better and better and compete as hard as you can. When it is time, schools and opportunities tend to show up for you. Usually being athlete 83 out of 150 in stations while coaches have already spoken with the athlete they wanted to recruit in the first place, isn’t the time to get attention.

There are definitely do’s and don’ts of being recruited, but showcase events are almost always a hard don’t.

Never feel like you missed out by not attending a $300 winter showcase. Use the money and time instead to develop more skills that stand out on the field.